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Understanding The Responsibilities of Real Estate Agents

In several areas of the world, licensed real estate agents are not many, but, sometimes we have some that are not quite useful. When we say the are just in motion means they are unable to help sellers or buyers to arrive at a mutual, satisfying and considerate business decision because they do not take their roles, duties and responsibilites seriously. Although all customers and clients have some distinct goals, priorities and needs, among other requirements an excellent real estate agent should know is that he has both the ethical and legal responsibility of doing the right thing always instead of only doing what is comfortable and expedient. Bearing all these in mind, this article will consider, discuss, examine, as well as review some of the real estate agent’s responsibilities and the reason why clients and customers are entitled to quality representation, relevant, responsive and responsible service.

Fiduciary is one quality that real estate agents must possess. Morally and ethically and in line with the code of ethics most realtor companies and most real estate laws, have made known to their real estate agents that they have a fiduciary role to their clients. It means they must protect the privacy of their client and not disclose personal information, reasons, a prospective client details which might not sit well with the homeowner. But sometimes there’s a fine line to do this and the legal role of disclosing all the things that may be considered or material matters and others. Most of these are inclusive of material defects, issues that are already known of the area that can affect the value. Ethically being protective of the needs of the client comprises of non-disclosure of the financial information of the seller, the schedule of the client in case it is related to needs.

Integrity is the other quality of real estate agents where they must convey a commitment to maintaining full integrity although they may be tempted to go through shortcuts. Service-oriented is a trait that professional real estate agents must-have.

Responsivity is a character that shows that an individual is able to answer client or possible client’s questions or concerns, be articulate in a message and also know how to pick responsible and responsive real estate agents from a whole of others. Your select real estate agent must know how to source for feedback and come up with suggestions and insights.

When choosing your real estate agent ensure you get one who is able to market, represent and eventually sell the home on your behalf and to do this make sure you first interview most of them and pick the one you feel will meet your needs, goals and priorities.

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